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Ad Astra Per Aspera

The member company that is described at this website has changed in many important respects since its acquisition and reorganization. These new directions, new focus, new emphasis, are not yet reflected in the pages that you can read through links in the right-hand panel. Give us time to put the proper new face upon things.

The "New Face" is all about SPACE. In many respects, it's about Getting Back to Basics and Originals. This is the where and why that things were motivated, started, acquired, and cultivated in the first place.

Purpose and Mission: To build a very strong, innovative, unique, sustainable, and empowering Platform for certain types of technologies that are very critical for Space, and for Humanity's Future - both on the original home planet, Earth, and in Humankind's New Homes, beyond the limits of stratosphere and ionosphere.

Please contact us. Reading the old material here is alright, but you may become confused. Contact us and we will explain how everything fits together like pieces of a very beautiful jigsaw puzzle. And please explore the Main Context website, itself going through revisions with change and evolution forward: The EXO Group -- The Exoplanetary Corporation.     Thank you!



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Please Note that all websites, here and further on, are undergoing changes or due for major updates and rejuvenation, as a result of exciting changes and developments in the whole dynamic of The TETRAD Group, underway now!
All older (pre-2016) content on this and other websites linked from here includes "blackboard" prototype material that is preliminary/changed/evolved into new forms, including our business, marketing and sales developments. A new family of corporate websites (and mobile apps) is currently in development by our software team. This material is here for your use in learning more about how we have evolved into our present group of companies. Thank you.

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