Four Dimensions to One Tech, One Product, One Business

III. Devices
iQs(i) - Koins
(hundreds and thousands, for example)

iQs, The IntelSphere, the QOIN - lives and breathes asyncronously, amorphously, across the internet. But it takes on special form in focused and industry/domain-specific INSTALLATIONS. Customization, purposiveness, directedness, for certain application domains - like certain industries, business sectors, population/demographic groups, cultures, regions.

And these installations, and the whole of the iQs, grows faster, smarter, broader and more expansive, and more powerful, for You, your Family, your Company, your Country - when you add in to all those phones, tablets, fitbits, watches, and smart appliances, something else that comes special from the Heart, from the Brain, inside the TETRAD ---


iKoins - interactive, cybernetic, and they even light up, flash and sing

pKoins - they process and proceed, some to sense and detect, some to activate and actuate and do, and some are very, very special life-savers that can monitor and check and warn for dangerous chemicals, biopathogens, radiation and nuclear hazards, and explosives. Others can give your body a lovely, sexy aroma at the right time, almost like pheromones (!), or they can repel those nasty mosquitoes and other bugs. Others can monitor some of the things that the docs put on or inside your body to help you get healthy and stay alive and shake off some disease or disorder. (So... these pKoins are pretty much Something Else and very, very Smart. (I think we said that already...)

mKoins - they give you and all your Koins Even MORE smarts, and memories and powers, and some Futures, too...

xKoins - well, where would be be in the kind of world where us IQ-Koin-makers come from, a world of "Skunkworks" and "X Projects" and "Classified-this" and "TS-SCI-that", without an "X" koin? Huh? (sorry, we can't tell you more unless... (;-))

Koins is one of the ways how iQs in any of its Installations (e.g., InTeleMed for personal/public healthcare, medicine and safety) Does it Better. Better than Apple, Google, Microsoft, and those other early-intro-guys ("Hey, Thanks! For Preparing the World for Us!"). Better Than Even Us, without Koins. Really.

Get some. Order them Now. Your custom designs and "skins", too! Metal, plastic, wood, leather(!), your logos, your tattoos, your name, your fav images. Precious metals and gems, too - WE GO ALL THE WAY when we say "Personally Customize."

We will be explaining much more when you talk to our Communicators. Our business, customer, marketing, and again, our Customer People.

When you get to know Our People, You will really say, "WOW! This is So Cool!"

So this is at the "devices" level. This is a major component of the Whole, the Big Picture. The Organic Living Internet in the palm of your hands - and everywhere else you use it.

This is the meaning of "life.empowered.lives.engaged."

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