TetraDyn Ltd. is an accomplished Innovator and Integrator engaged in building, delivering and co-managing the iQs - The IntelSphere, a systematic development of intelligence-enabling software and deviceware within the sectors of Health and Safety, as well as Energy and Environment, serving private and public sector institutional partners and the open, global consumer population.

iQs (Intelsphere, aka QOIN) is a communicating parallel network of information acquisition and analytics from multiple providers and operators. The IntelSphere incorporates conventional and general-purpose wearable and appliance devices including phones, tablets, watches, and specialized sensing and monitoring apparatus.

TetraDyn is presently concentrating on the healthcare sector with industry-customized and tailored installations of the iQs architecture, hardware and software, specifically InTeleMed for personalized and public healthcare, in order to enable individuals, caregivers, providers and insurers to operate with ease and comfort the most secure form of intellilgent real-time "EHR" possible.



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All older (pre-2016) content on this and other websites linked from here includes "blackboard" prototype material that is preliminary/changed/evolved into new forms, including our business, marketing and sales developments. A new family of corporate websites (and mobile apps) is currently in development by our software team. This material is here for your use in learning more about how we have evolved into our present group of companies. Thank you.

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"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.

Charles Darwin

TetraDyn Ltd. addresses client and customer attraction and retention in different industry sectors, applying technology, heuristics and personal expertise originating in such seminal earlyweb projects as IMEDNET and CommonHealthNet, among the first multi-audience, international telemedicine and distance-based project implementation networks for the medical and emergenct response communities.

Since 2005 our firm serves special needs of clients and customers with discrete, personalized, full-function, state-of-art technologies, architectures, designs, critical analyses and assessments.

Our work as prime/subcontractor/consultant and as developer/assessor/reviewer spans the life sciences and health-related business sectors as well as correlated areas within other industries including defense, intelligence, environment and finance.

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