Four Dimensions to One Tech, One Product, One Business

II. Installations
iQs(i) - InTeleMed
(for example)

iQs, The IntelSphere, the QOIN - lives and breathes asyncronously, amorphously, across the internet. But it takes on special form in focused and industry/domain-specific INSTALLATIONS. Customization, purposiveness, directedness, for certain application domains - like certain industries, business sectors, population/demographic groups, cultures, regions.

InTeleMed is how iQs is focused upon the domain of Personalized and Public Healthcare. Individual and Family. Wellness, nutrition, health-improvement, healthy lifestyles. Disease avoidance and disease management. Financial health as well. Critical and essential for personal and family emotional, mental, physiological stability and wellness.

Your apps and applications. Your devices - phones, tablets, laptops, wearables. Our devices - koins - iKoins, pKoins, mKoins, xKoins - talking with, coordinating, connecting with your world to filter data and facts, to seek out and find data, to organize, assemble, relate, correlate, and infer Knowledge.

We will be explaining much more when you talk to our Communicators. Our business, customer, marketing, and again, our Customer People.

When you get to know Our People, You will really say, "WOW! This is So Cool!"

So this is at the "installations" level. This is a major component of the Whole, the Big Picture. The Organic Living Internet in the palm of your hands - and everywhere else you use it.

This is the meaning of "life.empowered.lives.engaged."

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