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TETRADYN is a creative arts-and-sciences company in the "STEAM"* arena. We focus upon specific embedded and wearable products, applying what we have done and learned and produce in the companies we manage, serving the institutional investor, private equity, venture capital and private investor community.

Over the span of a decade and with several companies we created, managed and divested, we developed two product lines (CUBIT, LUX) with consumer and institutional markets and customers:
(1) Software that bridges between "real" and "virtual" worlds, and making use of what the device-world for mobile, portable, wearable, implantable applications.
(2) Our own unique, compact, higher-performance, and artistic devices (cubits) for home, automobile, clothing, and the human body. These come as mods, pods, orbs, koins, and apps (magicApps). Some you plug-in, some you plug-into, some you wear, some you walk-into. It takes some time to get used to what cubits are, because some are invisible, like "agents" in the dark of cyberspace. Others are flashy and shiny, and people love them just for how they look. But what they do is much more important...

Then we partitioned products, services, and people appropriately, in order to capitalize better and further with what we hold as our core strength and most valuable product - the knowledge and mastery of the business domains in which we have worked.

(*) "STEAM" = science-technology-engineering-arts-mathematics (aka "STEMA", "STEM" in various literature)

We are about bringing Intelligence into the "Cloud"
TETRADYN : tensegrity, synergy, symbiosis
Luxury Eco Fashion Style
enhancing Life empowering Lives
TETRADYN : tensegrity, synergy, symbiosis       TETRADYN : tensegrity, synergy, symbiosis
A Different (Systematic) Approach
to the "Internet of Things"

TETRADYN : tensegrity, synergy, symbiosis

Browse and Appreciate the sEkoFash Presentation (Oct. 2013)

Visit the business-unit special sites for the different CUBITs - the MODs, the PODs, the Koins, the LUXworlds, the MagicApps. We will show and share what is in our IntelSphere - the "Intelligence Stratosphere" - and you'll be happy you came to Team TETRAD.

Wearable, Portable, Mobile, Embedded sensors, actuators, communicators, controllers, modifiers, serving Energy/Power, Environment/Space, Health/Medical and Security/Safety sectors ("E2HS"). Cubits come in many shapes and sizes: mods, pods, and some are special, called orbs, and koins. They take You (via the internet, too) where you need to go and want to be.

Koins are a type of cubit. "KOIN" = Knowledge Object Intelligence Network". This is software - parallel, distributed, asynchronous, "in the Cloud" and within a myriad of your devices and apps. Koins that are physical come in a variety of types - interactive, sensor-detector-enabled, encryption-focused, and also focused on meeting fashion and design desires of people. We deliver the KOIN Style and Technology (wearable/apparel/portable) for the global consumer amd institutional markets.

MagicApps are also a type of cubit, implemented in software and firmware. The EpiXaT business unit delivers MagicApps (purposive "E2HS" functions for personal and close-network circles), LUX (Integrated Real+Virtual Worlds software) and the KYBEROS business with its global franchise network of iBanks employing a "private bank" business model to provide information security and trading services to clients.

The QiX business unit is focused upon serving the global consumer market with our products, focusing upon koins and Internet-of-Things software for knowledge acquisition and iintelligent information delivery to individuals and groups. We also provide a broad suite of custom software services including responsive web, mobile app, and other highly interactive and media-intensive software, through our team that has over 8 years of experience with proven track records and satisfied customers, using Yii Framework, HTML5, PhoneGap, PHP, Python, C/C++, Java, and all client/server-side mainstream software development environments.
Examine here a few snapshots into our Dev Team's work!

Contact us for additional reports, white papers, publications and access to demos, samples and client references

TETRADYN : tensegrity, synergy, symbiosis          TETRADYN : tensegrity, synergy, symbiosis

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