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Our Unified Business

TETRADYN is a private company with multiple but wholly interconnected and mutually enhancing technologies that we have turned into a product-service line to produce solid and sustained, healthy revenue streams. Our business model is all about sustaining real (actual, not virtual) profitability for its owners and stakeholders through the employment of a business model that is (no surprise!) based upon biology and the effective history and practice of economics and capital growth.

TetraDyn has products and divisions that are presently and increasingly profitable for acquisition and purchase as well as for private equity investors. The Business is in precisely what is the Product, which we call CUBIT (cubits, for what people use as devices and softwares):

  • communication (including internet & multimedia social networking) via wireless multimodal protocols
  • health and vitality enhancement " energy generation " environmental awareness
  • highly versatile safety and security functions (including compact resources for emergency situations)
  • integrated into personal productware that is portable, wearable and otherwise intimate and personal.

Through the CUBIT mobile/web applications ("MagicApps" class), available for free to individual end-users, we acquire information that is in turn available (partly as free, but also in more interesting and value-added forms) to the individual user and to companies that wish to know more accurately than from search-engine firms like Google or first-generation social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter,

  • How people are feeling, thinking, wanting, desiring, buying
  • How the health of the (town, region, nation, world) is Today and will be in the future
  • Much more, indeed, much more, of value to not only medical device, healthcare and pharma producers!

Moreover, through the different CUBIT magicApps, TetraDyn - by its nature a producer and integrator of healthcare, medical, energy, environmental, and safety/security devices and software - and specifically by its CUBIT-Care and CUBIT-Wear product elements - is able to do, and is now doing, what all those other internet, web, social network companies do not and cannot master - getting their customers, their millions-plus users, to Purchase, to Buy, products through them. We SELL physical products to Our MagicApps and other CUBIT users! They not only want but Need what we are all about as providers.

This is naturally a very strong and sustainable business stream. It's not at all just about the Net, the Web, but about bigger domains like Personal and Family Healthcare, Energy, Environment and Security , through what People Wear, and How they show themselves to the World. That is why we pay so much attention to Fashion and Style, because it's about Image.

We are in business to make vast and sustained profits in order to control even larger amounts of working capital that we can direct through financial markets, the theatre of politics and further R&D in the STEM fields, in order to accomplish and manage vast, substantive, and "paradigm-shift" changes in the way billions of people think, behave, and live their lives.

Our Business is about Capital, and Profit, directed and applied
for Real Change in the Real World -
Change that People Want, Need, and Will Have.

Browse and appreciate the sEkoFash Presentation (Oct. 2013)

SEE THESE PAGES FOR MORE INFO ON THE CORE PRODUCTS (managed by other business components of The TETRAD Group --- www.tdyn.org):

Wearable, Portable, Mobile, Embedded sensors, actuators, communicators, controllers, modifiers, serving Energy/Power, Environment/Space, Health/Medical and Security/Safety sectors ("E2HS"). Cubits come in many shapes and sizes: mods, pods, and some are special, called orbs, and koins. They take You (via the internet, too) where you need to go and want to be.

Koins are a type of cubit. "KOIN" = Konowledge Object Intelligence Network". Delivering the KOIN Style and Technology (wearable/apparel/portable) for the global consumer markets, in both the "regular" world and virturealities like ORBIS.

MagicApps are also a type of cubit, implemented in software and firmware. EpiXaT delivers MagicApps (purposive "E2HS" functions for personal and close-network circles), LUX (Integrated Real+Virtual Worlds software) and the KYBEROS business with its global franchise network of iBanks employing a "private bank" business model to provide information security and trading services to clients.

The QiX business unit is focused upon serving the global consumer market with our products, focusing upon koins and Internet-of-Things software for knowledge acquisition and iintelligent information delivery to individuals and groups. We also provide a broad suite of custom software services including responsive web, mobile app, and other highly interactive and media-intensive software, through our team that has over 8 years of experience with proven track records and satisfied customers, using Yii Framework, HTML5, PhoneGap, PHP, Python, C/C++, Java, and all client/server-side mainstream software development environments.
Examine here a few snapshots into our Dev Team's work!

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TETRADYN : tensegrity, synergy, symbiosis      TETRADYN : tensegrity, synergy, symbiosis

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